About Us

Why Grant Marketing

Grant Marketing is a brand consultant and integrated marketing advertising agency specializing in business-to-business communication and services for manufacturing, technology, distribution, and business service companies. Based in Boston, Grant Marketing leverages its many years of experience to help our clients grow their businesses. We do this through a proprietary brand development process, integrated marketing, and digital and print advertising campaigns shaped by thorough research and analysis of both your business and the marketplace.

For your company to be successful in today’s marketplace you need to communicate to your audience at many touch points, both in print and online. Grant Marketing has the expertise to take your company to the next level by integrating your offline and online marketing campaigns.

We offer our clients a full suite of communications solutions including Brand Strategy, Market Strategy, Marketing Automation, Website Analysis, Web Design, Inbound Marketing, Public Relations and Advertising Services. As an experienced B2B advertising and communications company, Grant Marketing will assess your company’s brand position, and marketing competitiveness. We will develop a strategy tailored to your needs. When you partner with Grant Marketing, online and print materials will work in tandem to create a synergistic marketing campaign, effectively reaching your customers.

We have a professional team that are seasoned brand and marketing specialist that give our clients the personal service that those bigger firms just can’t match. Grant Marketing is also a HubSpot Solution Partner. We also manage other marketing automation software for our clients.

Contact Grant Marketing today and start getting increased lead generation and increased sales.