Hello TagAthletes, products, companies, services, celebrities, TV shows: they’re all branded. If the branding is done well, we can often make a one-word association to any given brand. Successful branding is as integral in B2B businesses and organizations as it is in B2C sectors.


Brand Strategists

Three darts in bullseye of dartboardA B2B brand doesn’t mean much to anyone until it is marketed with careful implementation across many channels—within organizations, across customer segments, and between vendor and supplier networks. As brand strategists, our job is to differentiate the brand in a way that all stakeholders—employees and customers — can easily recognize and connect with, forging loyal relationships with your business.

Brand Development Process:
How Do We Brand?

Business Development Process


Brands don’t just happen. Creating a B2B brand requires research and forethought. The brand gets “discovered” through a brand development process. Through interviews, internal and competitive research, and creative input we explore your company’s “soul” and discover what differentiates it from your competitors.

Creative Services

Part of establishing a company’s brand involves the portion most people think of as a company’s brand: the visual aspect. The creative elements are the visual representation of the brand, and have an important job to do in communicating that one-word association to us in a split second.


Creative services include:

Take a look at Grant Marketing’s portfolio to get a sense of how we help B2B industrial manufacturers brand their businesses.