Brand Development Process

What is The Brand Development Process?

Brand development refers to the process of uncovering a brand and its essence. Brand essence captures the heart or soul of a brand; the intention is to create emotional connections between your products and services and your customers. A strong brand can conjure up associations, feelings, and emotions that go well beyond what a product or service actually does.

Successful brand messaging delivers a consistent and believable experience for stakeholders, internally and externally, which also requires that internal stakeholders support the brand wholeheartedly. In developing a company brand, it is vital to understand the perceptions of all stakeholders, including:

  • Hourly and salaried employees—production staff input essential
  • Mid- and upper-management
  • C-Suite
  • Current customers
  • Former customers (if possible)
  • External stakeholders— Prospective new customers, vendors; suppliers

The brand development process is an extensive endeavor that explores brand delivery and perception across the board. Part of Grant Marketing’s discovery approach uses a process called laddering, which exposes the deeper meaning of the brand by progressively examining more abstract implications of a brand’s feature—from the company and product attributes to the greater social implications.

Grant Marketing Brand Ladder_Capture