Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation: From Relevance to Retention to Relationship

Marketing Automation Services

Marketing automation first began as a convenient way to send emails. It now encompasses a broad range of automation and analytic tools for marketing—notably inbound marketing. Any successful methodology requires a process, and marketing automation has its own.

  • Providing relevant content that creates context and connection
  • Retaining loyalty by turning prospects into customers
  • Nurturing relationships at all phases, through various channels

We Find Your Mix

At Grant Marketing, we help B2B clients find the right mix of marketing technology to achieve excellence in business today and into the future. We are a certified HubSpot Gold partner, and can also help companies setup and implement other marketing platforms, such as Marketo, Pardot, Act On, InfusionSoft, etc.

Fresh with content, facilitated by inbound intelligence and focused on activating real lead-generation results, we create, automate, and track engaging multi-channel—digital, email, social, and mobile—marketing campaigns that lead prospects and customers from each channel into a contextually relevant path that directly speaks to their individual purchase intent.

Delivering Emails—Driving Results


Critical components that fuel high-performance marketing campaigns:

1) Planning a Drip Campaign

2) Landing Page/Forms Creation

3) Segmenting and Augmenting Database

4) Content Audit, Planning and Development

5) Targeted Email Marketing

6) Social Media Marketing

7) Monitoring Real-time Consumer Insights

8) Inbound Web Analytics