We offer the downloads and demonstrations on this page to help you with your B2B marketing efforts and to get a better idea of exactly what Grant Marketing has to offer.

Intro to Growth-Driven Design

Intro to Growth-Driven Design eBook Download

This comprehensive eBook introduces you to Growth-Driven Design, which is a more efficient, effective, affordable, and user-focused web strategy that fixes the problems plaguing traditional web design. Learn how to turn your website into your best marketing asset using this eBook.

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Buyer Personas Template

Buyer Personas Template Download

Buyer personas allow you to personalize or target your marketing for different segments of your audience. To help you segment your database into buyer personas and tailor your messaging according to what you know about those different personas, our partner, HubSpot, built this buyer persona template that you can download for free.

Get Your Buyer Persona Template

2015 State of Inbound

2015 State Of Inbound
In this comprehensive overview, you’ll get important takeaways on the evolution and shift that is happening in B2B marketing … and what that means to your bottom line. This survey uncovers how companies use inbound strategies to convert strangers visiting their website into leads.
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Beginner’s Guide To CRM

Beginner's Guide To CRM

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Inbound Marketing Checklist

Inbound Marketing Checklist

Some people thrive with lists; others run the other way. Either way, a plan is always better than no plan. Lists help break down each task so the pressure of executing an overarching campaign gets accomplished bit by bit. Here’s a task checklist that will ensure that you’re running a winning campaign.

Inbound Marketing Campaign Checklist Download

Blog Your Way to Success!

Blog Your Way to Success Download

A blog is a powerful weapon to have in your industrial marketing arsenal. As you decide whether a blog is right for your industrial company, it helps to understand some of the key benefits of building a company-wide blogging program.

Blog To Success - Download

Brand Report Card

Brand Report Card Download
 A customer’s experience of your brand is what makes it distinct to them. This distinction is what drives them to choose you over the competitor. Without distinction, your company and products could be considered “Brand X,” generic, or worse, a commodity.

Download - Brand Report Card

The 6 Marketing Metrics Your Boss Actually Cares About.

6 Market Metrics Download
 73% of executives believe that marketers are not focused enough on results to truly drive incremental customer demand. Prove the ROI of your marketing efforts with the 6 metrics explained in this article.

Download - 6 Marketing Metrics

PR Checklist

PR Checklist Download
Changes within your organization can impact your customers and influence editors and analysts that watch market trends and product innovations. They want to know what your company is doing and why you are doing it. Keep your company in the public eye with regular press releases guided by our PR Checklist.

Download - PR Checklist

SMART Marketing Goals

SMART Marketing Goals Download
SMART is a methodology that helps you establish concrete and achievable goals. SMART stands for Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time-bound. To help you align your marketing efforts with SMART goals, our partner, HubSpot, built this marketing planning template that you can download for free.

Download the SMART Marketing Goals Template