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Brand development resources distinctionBrand development is the discovery process we go through to unearth your brand promise or distinction. Once your brand development process is completed, it yields a brand essence statement from which you can build brand messaging, selling propositions, and marketing communication tactics.

In developing a company brand, it is essential to understand the perceptions of everyone inside the company, from production line employees and customer service teams, to top management, including the CEO. It is also important to understand the perceptions of customers and other external stakeholders regarding the company’s brand. Having a reliable brand message that is transparent and easy to find will help build trust with prospects and help them decide to work with you.

The brand development process involves uncovering your brand, your goals, and the principals your company will stick to through time. It is an insightful exercise, helping you to discover the why behind who you are as a company—this is an essential driver in what gives customers their “why they want to work with you.”

Grant Marketing’s brand strategists know that creating a brand strategy involves a process that uncovers the key elements from which all messaging—your company’s voice and promise—extends. These key elements help you to deliver your brand consistently and congruently across all communication channels.

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Developing new products, changes in policies, or customer demands can impact your brand. Has your brand kept up with internal and external changes?

Brand distinction is what sets you apart from commodity brands and products. Do prospects know your company well enough to self-identify as your customer? Find out how you rate.

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