Customer Service Survey

How Do You Know if Your Customers Are Satisfied?

Gain insight about the health of your customer service program by answering these 14 questions. Once you submit your quiz, you’ll get feedback based on your personal score, with advice and tips for you to follow, and the latest practices and tools to adopt to serve your customers better.

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Question 1

We have clear standard operating procedures developed for customer service.

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Question 2

We have online channels and resources available for our customers to initiate inquiries and requests.

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Question 3

We have a customer service person/team responsible for following up on customer requests.

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Question 4

We have set specific key performance indicators (KPIs) to consistently report on customer service success.

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Question 5

Select which of the following communication tools you use to report on customer questions.

(You may choose up to 5)

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Question 6

When following up with customers on inquires and requests they have made, remediations are clearly communicated with all stakeholders.

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Question 7

The communication tools we use to serve customer inquiries integrate with our CRM.

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Question 8

We have a centralized system to follow and update the status of customer interactions.

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Question 9

When it comes to providing an easy way for our potential customers to find answers to common questions, we:

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Question 10

We __________ collaborate and deliver on customer needs across marketing, sales, and customer service.

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Question 11

Experts from other departments can easily access customer support information to improve overall customer experience with our business.

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Question 12

Using surveys, we routinely capture feedback from customers.

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Question 13

We use a net promoter score (NPS) to identify our most satisfied customers and biggest promoters.

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Question 14

Our organization has the sufficient human and technical resources it needs to deliver exceptional customer service.

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Well done! Your team goes the extra mile for customer satisfaction. Your systems and processes seem to be functioning congruently, allowing you to foresee problems before they arise and enjoy a strong rapport with your customers. You likely provide a service that your customers cherish, and that your competitors envy. Keeping in mind that business models—marketing, buying, selling, and customer service expectations—change dynamically, you’d be wise to explore ways to continue exceeding expectations, so read on for some useful tips.

Nice! It appears you have some good practices in place. You are clearly headed in the right direction, but there is room for improvement. Examine the key customer success best practices in this article—you may need to make small changes in each area, or tackle one aspect of your team’s work in depth.

You are probably spending more time dealing with the fallout from customer complaints than being innovative with your service or systems. Consider making fundamental changes to the way that you do business, or risk losing customers and continually chasing down new ones—only to disappoint them and keep repeating this cycle. The good news is that there are systems that can readily turn things around for you, your company, and your customers! Read on to learn about the steps you can make towards customer service efficiencies and improved customer satisfaction.