B2B Marketing Strategy & Planning

We Help B2B Companies Succeed

fold_crane_300x300Successful companies have a marketing strategy and a marketing plan. As an experienced Boston B2B brand development and b2b marketing agency, Grant Marketing will assess your company’s external and internal brand perception, and then conduct a brand discovery session to uncover your company’s brand essence. We will review your company’s strengths and weaknesses; research your competitors, and review your offline and online marketing materials. Once we have determined your unique brand franchise, our brilliant creative team will develop positioning statements and images. We will conduct ROI analysis to assure your company’s business growth.

We help build Brands and Integrated Marketing by:

  • Understanding your company, its products, and its markets
  • Conducting a Brand Discovery Session, “Focus 2020” to understand internal brand perceptions
  • Research your customers’ perception of your company
  • Create brand position statement and supporting positioning statements
  • Create new or updated corporate identity with messaging and imagery
  • Develop a marketing strategy to deliver messages and brand
  • Develop an executable marketing plan
  • Create a marketing automation platform for inbound marketing and ROI

Grant Marketing, a Boston b2b marketing agency, can also serve as your company’s full service marketing department working closely with management or in-house marketing department to develop marketing tactics that will generate qualified leads from press releases, advertising, email marketing, inbound marketing and website performance, backed by marketing automation.


As a Marketing Partner: Grant Marketing’s goal is to help build your business beyond expectations. We will serve as a member of your company’s brand momentum group to partner with company and marketing executives to meet quarterly in order to monitor internal and external brand adoption. We are considered experts in industrial marketing and use our 25 plus years of developing marketing plans, designing ads, designing brochures, and designing websites for manufacturing companies to support industrial marketing efforts with the latest marketing trends and technologies.