Digital/Web Strategy

We Help B2B Companies with Web Design

Your company website is your face to your customers and prospects. Your audience is looking for information, either about your products, about your company, about your industry. Your information must communicate instantly and visitors must be able to easily navigate your website to find the answers to their questions. Does this company have the service or products that I need? Is there enough information for me to make an informed buying decision? Can I count on this company to deliver what I need?

We Help B2B Companies with Inbound Marketing

Your customers and prospects are gathering information from multiple sources on the Internet. You must be in as many places as possible where they are looking for help.

We Help B2B Companies with Marketing Automation

Marketing automation allows you to capture leads and develop lead nurturing strategies to keep prospects and customers coming back to your company when they have a buying need or seek more information on your products and services. A successful company is focused on its goals and has a clear plan to guide it down the road to profitability. Grant Marketing’s trademarked process, 2020 Market Focus™, develops an integrated marketing communications program for companies selling business to business, and can serve as your company’s map.


We Help Build Your Digital Brand by:

  • Understanding your company, its products, and its markets
  • Conducting a Brand Discovery Session, “Focus 2020,” to understand internal brand perceptions
  • Research your customers’ perception of your company
  • Create brand position statement and supporting positioning statements
  • Create new or updated corporate identity with messaging and imagery
  • Develop a marketing strategy to deliver messages and brand
  • Develop an executable marketing plan
  • Develop an inbound marketing strategy
  • Design or refresh company website
  • Design social media pages
  • Create videos for website and YouTube
  • Design email marketing templates
  • Distribute press release through iterne
  • Create a marketing automation platform for inbound marketing and ROI