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Fourstar LogoA complete rebranding, followed by a brand refresh once previous goals were met, and sales and HubSpot CRM training, lead to double-digit growth and eventual highly successful sale of the company.


Over the 10 years working with Grant Marketing as its brand and marketing agency, Fourstar grew from 44 employees to 72, and overall revenue increased by 40%. In fact, in the last five years, Fourstar achieved double-digit growth in each of those years.


In 2013, Phil Holman, president of Fourstar Connections, wanted to rebrand the company from a commodities-based wire and cable company to a solution provider focusing on new product introduction (NPI) and design for manufacturing (DFM).

Grant Marketing took the company through its Inside Focus on Brand development process by meeting with the Fourstar management team to get an in-depth understanding of how they perceive themselves and how they want to be perceived moving forward. Grant Marketing also interviewed Fourstar customers to understand their perception of Fourstar and to get feedback on products and services that they would like to see from Fourstar.

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Fourstar Logo


Brand Refresh: EMS Trusted Advisor

Having experienced substantial growth, but feeling they were outgrowing their niche, the team at Fourstar decided they needed to refine their business model and engaged Grant Marketing again for a rebrand in 2019. This would be a major shift, focusing almost extensively on custom solutions for companies manufacturing new and upgraded products. Fourstar further developed their brand as a trusted advisor.

New Brand Messaging

With over three decades of listening to and collaborating with customers, building relationships with industry specialists, deepening our DFM, NPI, and engineering support, and optimizing global supply chain suitability, we’ve developed tactical insight, expertise, and agility to provide you strategic options that maximize value and capacity.

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HubSpot Marketing/Sales Platform

Fourstar added the HubSpot CRM Suite to its marketing tools to schedule and implement inbound marketing, provide sales tools for account managers, and customer service tools for HR.

HubSpot provides a CRM where sales and management can communicate with customers and prospects and manage sales revenue on a sales pipeline. The sales pipeline provides a chart of sales wins and losses for the company that is available to the account managers to monitor the success of their sales activities.

As part of its service, Grant Marketing provided scheduled workshops for the sales and account management staff on best practices for using the HubSpot CRM to manage customer and prospect communications.


Grant Marketing and Fourstar Connections maintained a partnership over eight years. Last year, Fourstar was purchased by
Genuine Cable Group


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