Brand Essence Introduction and Marketing Strategies

Micralox LogoThe requisite factor for success of a brand is its “brand distinction.” This revolutionary new anodizing process, MICRALOX®—that has changed the medical device manufacturing industry—exemplified this. Grant Marketing created a branding and marketing strategy that helped get the word out that enabled the shift in the anodizing and medical industries.

The Situation

Katahdin Inc. over the past 5 years has purchased several New England based companies that are now named DCHN LLC, Sanford Process Corporation, Precision Coating Company, Inc., Precision Fabric Company, and Medisolve Coatings Company. The company has undergone a rebranding of these companies to present a consistent look and message under the Katahdin umbrella of companies.

Marketing and Brand Strategy

Grant Marketing was first charged with branding, and creating a marketing strategy for a revolutionary new micro-crystalline coating product named MICRALOX, developed by Katahdin’s Sanford Process Corporation.

The definition of a brand is “evidence of distinction”. Making the claim and putting the delivery mechanisms in place, is however, only the first step. We must share it with the marketplace and then back it up with internal programs that deliver on our claim – provide the evidence. Who we are and what we claim to be are often different, but with focused attention and deliberate activities the evolution can be accomplished and the benefits realized.

From our proprietary brand essence exercise, Focus 2020™, Sanford Process determined that the unique selling propositions of the MICRALOX was:

  • Superior corrosion resistance of aluminum products
  • Provides for a virtually indestructible surface
  • Prevents color fading of colored anodized aluminum products
  • Ideal for medical products and equipment that undergo repeated sanitation

Research was conducted with orthopedic surgeons to understand the need for a new protective coating product used in surgical environments where repeated sanitizing was performed. Based on internal and external research, Grant Marketing created brand positioning statements for MICRALOX, and also designed a marketing plan to promote the new product.

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Micralox Assets

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