Scully Signal Company

Brand Revitalization

Scully WebAlready known as the industry leader in overflow protection equipment, but facing increasing competition as the age of its original patents allowed others to potentially close ranks, Scully Signal Company recognized its need to explore a contemporary identity to attract prospects and keep its customers connected to its unique brand. Grant Marketing employed a brand development process to revitalize Scully’s corporate identity, including a new logo, messaging, and website.

The Situation

Scully Signal Company, a pioneer innovator in overflow protection equipment, was facing growing competition in its marketplace and needed to revitalize its corporate brand, its message, and visual identity. Boston-based brand consulting agency, Grant Marketing, was hired to update Scully’s brand message, logo, and website.

Scully Signal Company is the original inventor and industry leader in fail-safe overfill prevention and fluid handling systems for the petroleum, chemical, and aviation industries. Founded by Francis P. Scully in 1936, with the invention of a whistling fill device for residential oil tanks, the company has built a worldwide reputation for innovation, quality, and reliability. In anticipation of its 80th anniversary, Scully embarked on a year-long journey to revitalize its corporate identity.

Strategy: Research & Discovery

Grant Marketing conducted research with internal stakeholders at Scully and with Scully customers to understand the current
perceptions of Scully.

An overview of the research findings was completed and strengths and weaknesses of the Scully brand were outlined
From the research and analysis, Grant Marketing developed the following for Scully:

  • Updated messaging for the company and its products
  • New logo and color pallet
  • New website
  • Templates for data sheets
  • New corporate brochure
  • Inbound marketing strategy plan and launch prep
  • Inbound marketing (HubSpot) software installed
Scully Web


The Challenge

Scully Signal Company, used to holding the top position for brand recognition and reliability in this market, was facing growing competition in its marketplace and knew it needed to revitalize its corporate brand, its message, and visual identity. It began with a desire to rediscover the long-standing family legacy, connect the past with the future, and reengage with customers, partners, and employees, amidst an evolving industry landscape.

The Branding Process—Discovery

The first phase of the process included extensive interviews of customers and employees with Grant Marketing’s senior brand
strategist. In these sessions, Grant Marketing:

  • Facilitated focus groups with management and employees within Scully to fully understand the culture of the company and perceptions of the company’s brand
  • Conducted one-on-one interviews with Scully personnel in the USA, Great Britain, and Belgium
  • Conducted interviews with designated global customers to understand their perception of the Scully brand
Scully B4


Scully Logo



The research resulted in a report on the perceptions of Scully from internal and external stakeholders and a report on strengths
and weaknesses in the brand. Furthermore, it resulted in:

  • Overarching re-branded statement of the Scully brand
  • New mission statement
  • Supporting messages
  • New logo—the new logo combines a shield with the Dynacheck® self-checking circuitry checkmark to represent the protection and safety that Scully products provide
  • New collateral designs that better communicate the updated Scully brand
  • New website design—the second phase included a complete redesign of the Scully website, including updates on messaging, product information, and market information:
  • Grant Marketing initiating an inbound marketing strategy for Scully and integrated
  • HubSpot marketing automation software on its website

Client Statement:

Katrina Scully Ohl, Executive Vice President, said, “We are proud to be entering the third generation and celebrating 80 years of service to the industry. As we move forward, we look back at our strong legacy and use our experience to guide us as we continue to modernize the company and pioneer the industry. Throughout this re-branding process, we’ve been driven by a deeper purpose—to continue to provide the safest, most reliable products and services while simplifying our customers’ experience across all the touch-points. We, indeed, feel revitalized and poised to move forward with a renewed commitment to our customers