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Analogic LogoCreative Brand Essence Exercise

Analogic, a leading innovator known for enabling the world’s most advanced medical and security imaging systems, transformed its brand identity to include new brand positioning, logo, and image.

Grant Marketing’s brand essence exercise exposed powerful insights that informed updated brand messaging, as well as Analogic’s brand visuals with a new logo and new style guide that directs brand designs across all of its global companies.

The Situation

Analogic is a publicly traded healthcare and security technology company. In its acquisition of new companies, Analogic underwent a rebranding effort to update the corporate brand and bring newly acquired companies into the fold of the new brand.

The Process

Discovery – Grant Marketing’s team met with corporate and divisional managers in order to understand their products, markets, channels, objectives, competition, and the perception of Analogic in its various markets. After conducting one-on-one interviews with divisional managers and one-on-one interviews with company customers both in the United States and in Europe, Grant presented the findings to Analogic management.

The Deliverables

Grant Marketing provided Analogic with a new corporate brand positioning statement, mission statement, and tag line, “Innovative Solutions for Life”. A new logo and design was approved by management including the CEO of Analogic. Grand Marketing delivered a new corporate style guide to show how the new logo and visuals would be applied to all divisions of Analogic.

Analogic Old Logo


Analogic Logo


Analogic Assets

Corporate Styleguide

Client Statement:

“I want to extend my thanks to the Grant Marketing team, for a great job in helping us pull together our new brand messaging and logo. The management team here at Analogic was very happy with the output.”
Mark Namaroff
Director of Investor Relations & Corporate Marketing

Analogic Assets

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