Rebranding a New Acquisition

Oplite Logo

As a brand strategy agency, Grant Marketing helps companies explore and uncover how they are as a company, translating that into the best representation of who they are as a brand. An existing client, Machine Incorporated, contacted Grant Marketing to complete an entire brand overhaul, which included renaming and rebranding Mid-Sota—now known as Oplite Technologies, transforming the look and logo, writing brand messaging and creating a new website with robust content, design elements, and an interactive, responsive format.

The Situation

Machine Incorporated, bought Mid-Sota Aircraft Technologies, a manufacturer of superior quality LED precision lighting for aircraft interior lighting. Mid-Sota Aircraft Technologies had a niche market and was exceptional at providing superior quality LED precision lighting for aircraft. Unfortunately, not many people—outside a nominal demographic—knew about Mid-Sota. Our biggest challenge was that Mid-Sota had not positioned itself for the future—the logo and website were outdated, messaging anemic, and the distribution channels were ineffective.

Strategy: Shedding Light, Literally

Grant’s challenge was to shed the old light, literally, and allow the new one to shine. Our initiatives included:

  • Renaming and rebranding the company
  • Transforming the look with a contemporary logo
  • Writing new, relevant and robust brand messaging
  • Redesigning the website, with interactive elements in
    a responsive format

The previous look and website belied the aviation-quality that this precision lighting is. What good is a cutting-edge operation behind doors if your window to the world shows another view? Grant Marketing blew the windows off the old to let the light in, and more importantly … out.

Research & Discovery

Through research and discovery sessions, Grant explored Mid-Sota’s brand delivery and customer/prospect perception across the board. Part of Grant’s brand development process employs laddering to expose the deeper meaning of the brand by progressively examining more abstract implications of a brand’s feature. This helped us uncover, internally and externally, the closest-held tenets and aspirational reach for what Mid-Sota would become: Oplite Technologies.

Oplite Assets


Rebranding for Reach

The main goal was to extend Oplite’s reach to other markets. These specific challenges and goals lived under the umbrella of our
overarching objectives (which also include a comprehensive marketing suite that will incorporate inbound marketing moving

  • Increase sales leads
  • Develop a distinguishing brand positioning message
  • Develop an inbound marketing plan for sustained business growth
  • Create tactical inbound marketing communications

Seeing the Light

Grant Marketing monitors website tracking through Google Analytics and sees a steady increase in new web traffic. Oplite Technologies continues to receive excellent feedback and new prospects as a result of the rebranding, which includes the new logo, website redesign, and clearly communicated messaging. As the exposure grows, we fully expect that more prospects will come to see the light.